Friday, March 09, 2007

New Poems

Just spent a week in Suffolk trying my old motorbike out on roads that are not straight and more than 200 yards long. There are castles everywhere and in the evenings (we stayed in an old forge which still had the bellows and tools in it) I revived my habit of writing insane poetry. So here is a new one called:

Police report with SFX

At eight fifteen in the morning
Tick tock
after leaving his lover,
fick fock
who's hair he was fond of kissing
lick lock
and who he had treated to a candlelit chinese meal the previous night
wick wok
he was asked by a mugger for his money
pick pock
and when he failed to take the request seriously
mick mock
found himself on the floor, savagely assaulted
kick cock
the only thing on his mind being that he hadn't changed his footwear since yesterday...
sick sock
...and what sort of impression would that make on the emergency services.


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