Friday, March 24, 2006


There seems to be some Interest in my Skinnydippers.
Here is the deal, there are 23 prints of high enough Quality to be usable. They're all signed and come in 3 colours, Green, Dark red and Violet.
There were originally 12 greens, 5 reds and 6 violets.A number of them are already given away or need to be kept for a period of time but some are available.
I have scanned one of the green prints and that's what you see here.
It's 23x59 cm give or take a mm.
I will post thumbnails of the other colours over the weekend and let you know how many are left. So if you want one, you can have one...


Did this for a pitch resently and... didn't get chosen, which is just as well, because that way I can stick it on my blog without upsetting some multinational corporation with regards to secrecy...

I thought he looked like Buster Keaton...

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Sorry for the long silence, but they are working me to the bone at Passion pictures.
Anyway, looked down when on the loo the other day and discovered that my Marks and Spencers underpants were:...

Made in Egypt.

Just thought you might want to know.