Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Poem


Are Bungalos from Bangalore
Do pears come from Peru,
Pencils from Pennsylvania
Timber from Timbuktu?
Are Sardines from Sardinia
do you find Wales in Whales,
Do they make cans in Canada
does the Isle of man make males
Does Jam come from Jamaica,
Is washing done in Washington
are Albinos from Albania,
Do they make bonbons in Bonn
Is Turkey full of turkey farms.
Is Botswana famed for Boats,
Are Rubik's cubes from Cuba,
and do they build roads in Rhodes?
Is pole vaulting a polish sport,
is one born in Borneo,
Are you from Yugoslavia,
Am I from Idaho?
The answer to the lot of them,
is, without question, No,
It matters little where you're from,
no more then where you go.