Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New hobby

I've invented a new hobby.
Start any drawing, and whilst executing it, think of artsy titles that refer to the artist, thus making it sound more important.
It makes you feel like Salvador Dali, who I think actually invented this game...

Anyway, this one is called:

Self-portrait of the artist as a young man with extended nose and a headcold.

Look out for tomorrows Art:

Self portrait of the artist as a blank piece of paper...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ambitious plans

Hi again, too busy getting a neckache in front of a computer to think of blogging recently, but now I'm back.
These here drawings were made as scetches for a bunch of small sculptures, crammed into little wooden boxes, that my dad helped me fabricate. (He used to be a carpenter)
So I did the first one in a couple of weeks and have been staring at the unfinished second one for the last 6 month. What I ultimately wanted was people you could stick into boxes in different directions, finally coming up with a wall of little naked cramped in individuals. but there is always someone faster than oneself, I found out that a bunch of famous hippies took photos of themselves with no clothes in cardboard boxes. I forgot who was behind it, but I let you all know when I remember...
More soon