Monday, January 29, 2007


We finally put sound to that TV trailer I worked on for the last 6 month.
There, that's done, and some of it looks quite tasty. Here is a comp of all the shots in the desert sequence, all in reds and purples...
The guy underneath is an early ancestor of, what would later become "Harlan"
If the trailer turns up on the net, I'll post the link here...

Och aye the noo

This morning sees me bleary-eyed, warming up last nights haggis for my breakfast.
Yes, indeed, with 3 days delay, we did finally get around to celebrate the hero of Scottish poetry with a feast and some reading with questionable accents.
There were 4 Girls and 4 Boys, and as the "Address to a haggis" has exactly 8 verses, we took over a verse each.
I also decorated the blackboard with this portrait of a live haggis, bemoaning his predicament.
You will have to know "Address to a haggis" and "Ode to a mouse" at least partially to get the joke... (if that is indeed what it is)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vot is it mit ze Dschermans

Vot is it mit ze Dschermans and zeir anty Aids kampains?
Twize now have zey approached mein Boss Mister Meyer to pitsch on Kommercials to edjukate peeples to be more responzibble but zen, when you've dun ze work,
you nevver hear from zem evver again...
Zankless lot...

Anyway, here is a pitch based on the idea of a series of movie spoofs (That would of course be more effective if shot in life action, in the style of the original film), this one being Alfred Hitzkopfs* "Psycho".

It was fun trying to compress stuff into just black white and grey, and I think with a moving camera and the resulting parallax shifts, the moving version could have been done using black and white only...
Maybe I'll try doing a test some day. That would be a good excuse to learn "MOHO".

* German word for hot-head, clever pun, no?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Raphus cucullatus umbrellicus

Well, ever since watching Mary Poppins I wanted one of those parrot umbrellas.
Having since acquired a taste for all things extinct and flightless, I decided to make my very own Dodo umbrella. It's actually quite comfy to hold, once you find your preferred hand position and I might go and show it to the guys at the Horniman museum at the end of our street. They have a reconstructed dodo there and maybe I can sell these through their shop...
I let you all know when I go into production.
Until then, let's hope it stays dry...


Sorry, working on a trailer for a TV series has stifled my other creative drives for the last 6 month and I am ashamed...
But now I'm getting ready for a 3 month sabbatical (if the taxman allows) and plenty a silly artwork should be posted soon.
I was also lucky to sell my old fingersnapping tricks to those purveyors of fine black frothy stuff, Guinness, and a 2 minute version of the Ad should be online before the month is out, followed by Cinema and TV ads.
Here meanwhile is the story of one of our swarms...
I hope the bees are snug in their boxes, I am worried about one colony, which might not make it this winter. But, I'll keep you posted...